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Classic Gothic Conservatory

Classic Gothic Conservatory

$300 per sf

Classic Gothic Conservatory is a historic or classic conservatory design. The design typically features a gable roof line with an gothic arch at the point. The arch resembles an S-shape, with two sides meeting at a point. Ancient civilizations used the gothic arch in their architecture and the design was carried into the Middle East. Eventually the curve was adopted in European architecture, particularly with door and window designs. The configuration is characteristic of Gothic architecture and highly ornate French styles. During the Industrial Revolution, the arch was adapted to conservatories as steel became affordable to produce and bend. We offers ogee style arch conservatories built out of aluminum. This durable material will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. Each conservatory is custom designed, there are no standard measurements or configurations that must be met; rather, everything is manufactured to fit the customer’s needs. Any size is possible, from a simple conservatory to a large pool enclosure. Other applications for an gothic conservatory include entertaining areas, a greenhouse for growing plants, and retail space. Stainless steel and copper cladding are also available for interior and exterior applications.

The glass used inside the framing has numerous options. The glass in the roof will be laminated and the walls will be tempered. The most frequently used glass type features a LOE tint. This type of tint helps to insulate the room and provide better energy efficiency, warmer in winter and cooler in summer. There are different LOE tint options, each with a different goal that includes reducing glare, protecting the view and the best insulation values. Decorative glazing is also available to create the classic gothic conservatory appearance

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Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Why Buy A Solar Garden Conservatory?

An ever-expanding product line

Our product line has expanded to include straight eave and curved eave sunrooms, numerous styles of conservatories, canopies, pool and spa enclosures, curtain walls, folding glass walls, horticultural greenhouses, and skylights: which include domes, pyramids, barrel vaults, terrace doors, garden windows, pivots, sliders and more.

Easy Installation

Each structure is prefabricated before delivery to ensure minimal field alternations and seamless installation. This extra steps result in a product that is easier and less time consuming to install.

Frame: Constructed of extruded aluminum. The extruded aluminum parts are warranted for 15 years. Thermally broken aluminum greenhouse frame for maximum insulation value.

A Wide Choice of Finishes

We offers nine standard Duracron colors in: Black, Bronze, White, Sandstone, Hartford Green, Natural Clay, Mill Aluminum (unpainted), and Dark Bronze and Clear Anodized. We also offer Kynar finishes and the ability to match any custom color, as well as wood and metal cladding options.

Custom Design

If you can imagine it, we can build it. design custom products which are tailored to fit all of your needs.

Better Pricing

Our increased volume and improved efficiency are making both our custom and standard products among the most competitive in the industry.

Frame: Constructed of extruded aluminum The extruded aluminum parts are warranted for 15 years. Thermally broken aluminum greenhouse frame.

Colors: seven standard colors, bronze, black, white, sandstone, natural clay, Hartford, green, mill. A performance chart for the different glazing.

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Covering: with 8mm twin wall polycarbonate, with Single tempered glass, with 25mm polycarbonate (five wall) or 1" insulated Glass