How to Planning and Building a Greenhouse

Backyard GreenhousesEvery serious gardener yearns for warm weather to extend his hobby to a year-round pleasure… to enjoy the fragrance of spring blossoms all through the year…to harvest fresh ripe tomatoes in January…or to start bedding and vegetable plants for early spring planting. He or she would love nothing more than to have his own greenhouse and garden twelve months of the year.

With today’s unpredictable weather extremes and the polluted condition of our environment, growing your own flowers, fruits and vegetables in a beautiful, quality greenhouse structure becomes a very practical option.

Until recently, a greenhouse was considered a luxury item, affordable to only the very wealthy.

However, thanks to modern development in greenhouse engineering, improved longevity in rigid plastics and availability of prefabricated greenhouse kits, a quality greenhouse can be enjoyed by everyone.

A true quality greenhouse of your own will last a lifetime, providing you with years of enjoyment, and actually increase the value of your property.

The growing interest in hobby greenhouses has created a dazzling array of new greenhouse designs, greenhouse manufacturers, enough to cause confusion to anyone selecting a greenhouse.

This current availability of many new greenhouse kits designs has given gardeners many choices, it has also led to making basic mistakes when it comes to selecting the proper greenhouse design for your particular area and climate. 

That’s why we have prepared this brief question and answer guide to help you in defining your greenhouse needs.