How to Make a Fresh Start in Your Garden

Make Fresh Start in Garden Gothic Arch GreenhouseNew years are about new beginnings, and on the cusp of 2018, you might be looking ahead and thinking about making a fresh start in your garden.

Whether you’ve got an existing garden or whether you’re planning to start one, a new growing season holds the promise of beginning—or beginning again.

In either case, keep the following tips in mind and stock up on growing supplies to make a fresh start in your garden in the new year!

Start small. If you’re making the leap into gardening, take smaller achievable steps. Maybe a small herb garden on your kitchen window sill, a few potted plants or even a small plot of land for growing vegetables will give you the gardening experience—and the rewards—before you think big.

Grow started plants. If starting from seedlings seems too overwhelming, get your gardening fill by tending to started plants. This will get help you manage the all-important factors like watering, light exposure, temperature and more.

Grow what makes sense in your area. Regardless of your gardening experience, take a fresh look at what thrives in your part of the world. Do you have a short growing season? If so, your plants will need more sunlight. If it’s more hot or humid, give your plants partial shade.

Grow what you like to eat. Are you eating the fruits of your labor? That’s one way to get invested in your work. So rethink what you’re planting if needed and start with the intent of eating fresh. Think various greens, vegetables, herbs and even fruits that are specific to your region.

Be organized. If you’ve tried your hand at gardening and gotten discouraged, you’ve got to know how to correct your mistakes. The best way is to label your plants properly and keep records related to watering, temperature, season, etc. And that’s a great best practice if you’re just getting started!

Have fun! Gardening can be a lot of work, yes, but it can also be a lot of fun. There is great reward in watching a plant bloom from a seed, all because of your efforts And if that translates into providing fresh food for your table, then all the better!

Experiment. What is the saying? Try, try, try and try again. Every mistake you make along the way is just a new lesson that you can work toward correcting tomorrow, the next season or even next year!

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