Low-E Glass Greenhouse

Low-E Glass….the best of both worlds.

 Low-E Glass Greenhouse



Low-E Glass is one of the most popular and versatile building materials used in greenhouses, sunrooms where children play, breakfast nooks or a conservatory for entertaining dinner parties.  One reason is because Low-E is an energy efficient glass designed to reflect heat, rather than magnify it.  

These type of structures have a specific purpose where people meet or spend time, and thus maintaining a moderate temperature is important.

Whatever the application, the space probably includes furniture, accessories and window treatments.  More than likely, there may also be plants by the window sills, on top of furniture and hanging from the ceiling.  For this dual purpose room the use of low-e glazing is recommended.

Low-e glass should always be used when people are the primary occupants.
The temperature will be moderated with low-e glass and fading of fabrics and furnishings will be minimized with this glass.

The biggest hurdle for most homeowners when it comes to Low-E glass is the cost factor. It is obviously the most expensive solution for reducing heat transfer, but well worth the cost.  It is manufactured with microscopic coatings of metallic material that allows natural light to pass through while obstructing the heat and harmful UV rays.

If the structure is being used as a greenhouse for propagation, starting seeds, growing cacti or other bright light plants, then you will want a high light transmittance. This means you want the most light possible to penetrate the glass and enter the greenhouse. The best solution is plain clear glass with no tinting. A mid-range of plants is the second option. This greenhouse grows plants that like sun and others that may like medium light. These plants would include tropicals and house plants.

Low-e glass enhances the growth for a wide variety of plants. The ability to maintain a precise temperature range allows everything from Tomato plants to Orchids to flourish.