Greenhouse Supplies

Greenhouse Supplies to Get Now

Greenhouse SuppliesPreparing for the current season by stocking up on necessary greenhouse supplies is an efficient approach to your growing efforts. More than likely, you may think of having such supplies on hand should an emergency crop up during the winter, but being prepared is smart all year long. Of course, your needs will be different in the colder months, but there are some supplies you should think about getting before the weather heats up.

Greenhouse Supplies to Keep in Stock


As your plants grow, you may need to move them into larger containers or pots—which will mean they will need more space to continue to thrive. To accommodate these larger containers, you might have to rearrange your greenhouse or move plants outside.


When warmer weather arrives, you’ll probably open and close vents more often. Notice whether they show signs of sticking or wearing, and oil as necessary. Vents that aren’t properly functioning can cause air leaks or allow the temperature inside to get too hot.


Based on the climate in your region, having an extra circulation fan at your disposal might be helpful. Keeping fresh air moving through your greenhouse is important for the optimal health of your plants, so it’s worth it.


Don’t leave monitoring the conditions in your greenhouse to chance. If your thermostat goes out, you won’t be able to control temperature and humidity, which will put your plants at risk for overheating or worse. So, keeping an extra one on hand is always a good idea.

Shade cloth repair kit

Ensure your shade cloth can continue to filter the desired amount of sunlight that flows into your greenhouse by being prepared to fix any tears. A shade cloth repair kit is ideal for correcting minor and even major rips that can protect your plants until or if a replacement is needed.

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