Gardening Gifts for Every Budget

Gifts for Gardeners Gothic Arch Greenhouse‘Tis the season to spend, spend, spend, it seems.

But if your finances can’t accommodate all the shopping you’d like to do, it’s still possible to find great gifts at prices that won’t break the bank or create a mountain of holiday debt you may soon regret.

If you’ve got a gardener on your list—whether a seasoned expert or a budding novice—we can recommend some thoughtful selections that fit any budget!

Before you buy this season, review these suggestions to fill out your list or to be inspired to make your own choices, personalized for the green thumbs in your life!


Gifts Under $15

DIY Garden Gifts: Strapped for cash doesn’t mean you can’t participate in exchanging gifts. Turn to Pinterest for a wide range of DIY gifts that you can tailor to your gardener’s interest, and the best part is that it comes from the heart!

Decorative Vases or Baskets: Depending on whether you know a flower grower or a vegetable gardener, these are appropriate to show off the efforts of their labor. A nice vase can be filled with colorful blooms, and baskets can be used to gather fruits and vegetables.


Gifts Under $25

Garden Tools Starter Set: Help the new gardener on your list get growing by selecting a few hand tools and maybe a pair of gardening gloves. Even experienced hobbyist may feel renewed motivation with some new accessories!

Get Growing Kit: Making your own gift bundles is nice because you get to control the price! Combine a few growing pots and some seeds to get a novice started, or to introduce a seasoned gardener to a new crop.


Gifts Under $50

Greenhouse Shelving Units: Help your favorite green thumbs create more space in their greenhouse as their love for gardening grows! Shelving units can stand alone or be connected to other units as space is needed and allows.

Circulation Fan: Distributing the heat evenly in a greenhouse is important for healthy plant growth because stagnant air can contribute to disease. Circulation fans help promote a uniform environment that is crucial to gardening success!


Gifts Under $100

Control Wizard Soil pH and Moisture Meter: Keep tabs on soil and moisture conditions with this high quality meter. Relatively inexpensive and manufactured to superior standards, this invaluable tool is one no gardener should be without!

Heating/Cooling System Thermostat: Managing greenhouse temperature is key to gardening success, so give your gardener this tool to help control ventilation. Maintaining a healthy balance between the heat and the cool results in thriving, healthy plants!

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