Essential Greenhouse Supplies for Fall and Winter

Fall Winter Greenhouse Essential Supplies Gothic ArchReady your greenhouse for the fall and winter to ensure it’s prepared to weather the changes in season.

With just a few essentials, you can make the necessary repairs and have replacement supplies on hand to carry you through the cooler and colder months.

Not sure where to begin? Gather these items and check off the items on this list, and your greenhouse will be well equipped for the seasons ahead.

Glazing. As you’re doing the recommended deep-clean of your greenhouse between seasons, inspect the glass. Check to make sure the glazing is intact, and make any necessary repairs to the areas that aren’t.

Insulation. Capturing heat for the cooler seasons is important if you’re planning on growing in your greenhouse year-round. Inspect your greenhouse coverings, and replace or repair any broken glass, and torn or damaged roofing.

Sealant. With energy efficiency still in mind, examine the foundation, and around vents and doors to ensure all leaks are sealed. Keep sealant on hand to make repairs as needed—regardless of season!

Fuel. Have plenty of fuel at your disposal to power your heating system through the cooler (and colder!) days ahead. Take your heating system for a trial run as well to determine if any replacement parts are needed order them now.

Oil or Grease. Time to check the operation of vents, doors and automated windows. Apply oil or grease on the hinges for optimal function. Also check that vents are clear and any tears or holes in screens are repaired.

Replacement Parts. While you’re testing your heating system, don’t forget to check the lighting and irrigation systems as well. Ensure they are working properly, make any repairs and order common replacement parts to have if needed.

Do you have everything you need to prep your greenhouse for the fall and winter? Give us a call at 1-800-531-4769 to speak with one of our friendly representatives or visit our website, and we can help outfit you with all the supplies you need!