Best Flowers to Grow in Your Winter Greenhouse

Winter Flowers for Greenhouse Gothic Arch GreenhouseGardening in the winter can help give you a boost during the sometimes dreary days, and focusing on flowers can have an especially positive effect by adding lots of color.

To varying degrees based on your growing zone, a greenhouse can help you achieve these brighter, mood-boosting blooms because of the controlled environment it allows the grower to manage.

Whether you’re simply starting seedlings in anticipation of spring or hoping to grow cut flowers for your own enjoyment or to sell, a greenhouse makes it possible!

Flowers grown in a greenhouse grow taller, bloom earlier and have fewer imperfections thanks to the greenhouse’s protection from pests and the elements. Bulbs generally do well in the winter and will yield blooms by February.

For some flower options that thrive in winter, consider these and their planting recommendations below:

December: Plant iris, calla lilies and freesia.

January: Plant daffodils, iris, tulips and hyacinth.

February: Plant orchid, iris and lilies.

Other flowers that can be successful in your greenhouse in winter include:

Amaryllis: This tropical flower is the easiest of all flowering bulbs to bring to bloom. Available in solids, such as red, white, pink, salmon and orange, as well as striped and multicolored varieties.

Christmas Cactus: This overlooked holiday bloom does need water, though less during the winter—even none after its flowering. Christmas cacti need a balance of light, but less light if you want more blooms.

Impatiens: These flowers, available in red, orange, purple, peach, pink and white, do best in a greenhouse temperature maintained at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Susceptible to cold, impatiens seeds germinate in 10 to 14 days.

Pansy: The rich blues, yellows, reds and purples of pansies thrive in the cool of the winter, both withstanding and performing better in the lower temperatures. When finished in the low 50s to upper 60s, they are tougher with thick, dark leaves.

Snapdragon: The tall blooms of the snapdragon add a touch of spring to your greenhouse or even as cut flowers in your home. The prefer mid 60s to low 70s temperatures, with more light as they grow to encourage flower production.

With a greenhouse, it’s not too early to start dreaming of spring. If you want to enjoy the year-round joys of gardening, we can help. Just call us at 800-531-4769 or visit us at to get started!