5 Strategies for Controlling Greenhouse Humidity

Control Humidity Greenhouse Gothic ArchWhen managing the environment in your greenhouse, don’t overlook the importance of controlling the humidity.

Just-watered plants do have a satisfying look, but be warned that moisture build-up from overly humid conditions can be dangerous.

For starters, bacteria, mold and other fungi love humidity, which leads to the proliferation of pests and disease if unmanaged.

Humidity can also affect how well plants absorb nutrients, which can pose a threat to overall health.

Properly managing humidity in your greenhouse is actually fairly easy. Follow these five strategies to help your plants thrive and ward off diseases and pests!

Increase Ventilation. The simplest step to controlling humidity is to ventilate, especially since most greenhouses have some ventilation equipment. That could mean everything from opening doors, vents, running fans, etc.

Control Temperature. Another easy option is to control the temperature because that influences relative humidity, the rate of moisture present and the total moisture-holding capacity at that temperature and pressure. Don’t rely on thermometers alone; humidity meters can add an extra layer of accuracy.

Proper Watering. Take care not to overwater. As the water evaporates, more moisture is released into the greenhouse. Water just enough so there is no excess on the floor, as well as water enough during the day so plant surfaces can dry before evening.

Plant Spacing. Give plants room to thrive! Moisture and humidity can easily be trapped where plant canopies form. And that’s often where the highest relative humidity is in a greenhouse, all because of insufficient air movement. Create more space between plants or use mesh benches to improve circulation.

Air Movement. You won’t be able to rely on natural forces to help circulate the air in your greenhouse. Heaters and fans will sometimes need to be used to help you control humidity. Important considerations with whichever combination or type (fan-jet system or horizontal air flow (HAF) system) is that the air is always circulated evenly and enough (as in the leaves should move slightly).

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