5 Reasons You Should Be Growing Hydroponically

Greenhouse Hydroponics SystemsIf you have been suppressing your interest in hydroponics out of fear or
misunderstanding, it’s time to reach out and get help. At Gothic Arch
Greenhouses, we are here to provide you with the tools and knowledge you will
need to be a successful hydroponic gardener. Whether you are a hobby grower, a
commercial grower or a teaching facility, there are good reasons you should be
growing hydroponically.

So much is written about Hydroponic Farming and its benefits. It’s easy to get
lost in all the technical jargon and mythology. A few lines into an article and
you’re hit with words like “Photoperiod”, “Macronutrients” & “pH balance”
which can throw the average person way off balance and put an end to any
blossoming interests in hydroponic growing. Sure, it’s one thing to get your
soil right and determine exactly how much or how little to water your
traditional garden, but do you need a degree in Chemistry to harvest hydroponic
plants and isn’t it unnatural to grow without soil?

Once you get past the fear of being blinded with Science and going against the
grain, you will see that hydroponics is no more complicated than your backyard
garden and not only is the concept of hydroponics natural, there is absolutely
no difference between the process of mineral uptake in a plant in a soilless
environment or a plant growing in a field.

There are many good reasons for you to consider your own hydroponic project, we
have 5 really good ones for your consideration….

1. Quick Results -Hydroponically grown plants grow 30-50% faster than soil
plants under the same conditions.  The results are instant gratification,
additional profit for the commercial grower and for teachers, the ability to
keep your students attention in the classroom.

2. Pest & Pesticide Free- The absence of soil means the absence of pests
and weeds that live and grow in soil.  Your plants are also protected from
soil borne disease.  No need to use harmful pesticides or spend your
valuable time pulling weeds and best of all, NO CREEPY CRAWLERS!
3. Worry Free Watering – Hydroponically grown plants receive exactly the amount
of water needed- no less & no more allowing you to conserve water and money
and taking the guesswork out of the watering process.

4. You Need a Break!- Hydroponic farming is less labor intensive than
traditional soil farming and doesn’t have to be complicated.   With
readymade hydroponic supplies, nutrients and kit systems at your disposal,
getting started has never been easier.  Call us today at   1-800-531-4769 to enquire
about our starter kits, turn-key commercial systems and what we recommend for
the classroom.

5. Save Space – Stack your plants, get creative, and grow up! Literally.
Think beautiful vertical gardens (did I mention the emotional benefits?
The tranquility?).  If space is an issue, hydroponics is a smart solution.

Speaking of Space, as no life sustaining soil has yet to be found in space,
NASA has done extensive research into hydroponic growing in order to provide
both food and plants in outer-space to benefit current exploration and as a
logical solution to the future colonization of the moon and Mars

Did you know: The name is derived from two Greek words; Hydro and Ponics.
Literally translated, it means: “Water Labor

Author :  Sonja Payne

Gothic Arch Greenhouses Inc