10 Great Gifts for Gardeners

best gifts for gardeners gothic arch greenhousesGot a gardener on your holiday shopping list?

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of gift ideas, but with so many, where do you begin?

For starters, consider your recipient’s level of interest, whether a beginner or an experienced grower, and even how small or large their garden may be.

In the spirit of the season, we put together a list where you could find something that would make any recipientand any budgethappy.

Grow Kits: For novice gardeners, grow kits offer everything needed to get started. Whether it’s a small pot of sunflowers to an indoor herb garden, this makes a nice gift for someone who wants to start with a manageable growing task.

DIY Garden Gift: Give something from the heart, even if you might not have much to spend. Pinterest provides a wealth of do-it-yourself projects that range in price, scope and experience, everything from garden markers to planters and potting benches.

Garden Sign or Sculptures: Help your favorite gardener add some personality to a backyard, patio or even a greenhouse with humorous or inspirational artwork. There are many options available for purchase or even DIY options for a more personal touch.

Garden Gloves: This gift can be easily tailored to your recipient’s level of gardening experience. Garden gloves in fun, stylish prints may inspire a beginner to get started, whereas a more experienced grower may prefer something sturdier, yet practical, like rose gloves.

Garden Tools: Whether a standalone gift or bundled with other items, garden tools are often available to be purchased as a set or packaged with a tote. While they are a must for a beginner, they may be equally appreciated by an experienced grower.

Tool Belt or Utility Apron: These are an ideal way to keep the necessities close but your hands free to work in the garden or the greenhouse. They can sometimes be personalized with your recipient’s name or initials, but make a functional, thoughtful gift regardless.

Garden Boots: Give the gift of durability with garden boots that will stand up to the elements. Look for options that are waterproof with sturdy tread that will help maintain sure footing even in muddy or wet conditions.

Gathering Basket or Vase: Whether your favorite gardener grows veggies or flowers, these practical options will help them enjoy both. Baskets are ideal for collecting fresh fruits and produce from the garden, while a decorative vase will display beautiful blooms.

Canning Supplies: Help preserve the fruits of your recipient’s labor with the gift of canning supplies. Jars, lids, canning tools and even labels will help ensure that fruits and veggies are well preserved for later consumption—or even gifting!

Greenhouse: If you’ve got a serious gardener on your list, you may be in the market for a bigger-ticket item like a greenhouse. Gothic Arch Greenhouses supplies many models to support the efforts of everyone from hobby gardeners and to professional growers to research and educational institutions.

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