The Shark Bite

The Shark Bite


The Shark Bite™ will grab onto almost any fabric, netting, film or substrate, and NOT LET GO. Made of tough, UV resistant nylon, the Shark Bite™ is easy to use and will provide years of service in all types of weather! Shark Bites™ work great as a replacement for any fabric fastener, especially grommets, Velcro, snaps and ground staples. Instant repairs are easy with the Shark Bite™. Torn and missing grommets are no match. Keep a supply of Shark Bites™ on hand for your next emergency repair!

  Shark Bite
  Shark Bite's  bottom
  The Shark Bite-

Shark Bite™ comes in two pieces; a top, which is relatively flat,and a bottom. The bottom has two sets of teeth; one set of four large teeth and one set of many small “Shark Teeth”.



Place the bottom in your hand with the shark teeth facing up.



Now slide the material being fastened ALL the way into the The Shark Bite (Thinner materials may have to be folded over.) Thenhold in place with thumb.


  The Shark Bite
  The Shark Bite
  The Shark Bite

Now quickly squeeze the top piece down onto the bottom, so that the four large teeth protrude through the four slots of the top piece. Do this quickly so as not to lose the placement of the material as you move your thumb out of the way.



Slide the top piece rearward against the four large teeth as far as possible. Thicker material will require more effort to do this. The Shark Bite™ is now ready to go to work! To remove, reverse the
process: push/slide the top piece forward. Again, this may require some effort.



Optional Double S Hook fits into the eyelet hole.


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