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Majestic Connect Greenhouses Majestic Connect Greenhouses Majestic Connect Greenhouses Majestic Connect Greenhouses Majestic Connect Greenhouses

Majestic Gutter-Connect Greenhouses use more of your valuable growing space, with no land waste between greenhouses and are more energy efficient than stand-alone units. Unique gutter-connect modular framework allows you to connect two or more buildings together. The extruded aluminum, highly stable gutters allow you to add additional bays to increase growing capacity, using the most cost effective method. Purchase the greenhouse alone, or save hundreds of dollars and purchase our Super-Gro Equipment Pack with your greenhouse.

  • Greenhouse framework is constructed from 14 gauge Allied Gatorshield® structural steel tubing. Both vertical pipes and arches are 2.375" OD.

  • Rafter spacing: 6'. Sidewall height: 9'7-7/8".

  • Choose film covering on top with either Roll-Up or Drop-Down Sides and 8mm polycarbonate end pane, film covering on top only with 8mm polycarbonate sides and ends, or complete polycarbonate covering.

  • Drop-Down Sides use our 5.2 oz. greenhouse fabric.

  • Our exclusive "Twist-of-the-Wrist" Assembly, for Roll-Up or Drop-Down Sides, makes ventilation easy.

  • Double layer, 6 mil 4 year greenhouse film with Inflation Fan Kit that, that allows for superior heat retention. Poly latches included.

  • Includes our high-quality, 48"W x 92"H double door; complete with stainless steel hinges and latch set.

  • Optional Double Back Door Kit is available.

  • Units are 16'3/8"H to ridge.


  • Width:20', 28',56',84',

  • Length: 24', 36', 48', 60',72',96',

  • Vents: Roll-up Sides or Drop-Down Sides

  • Cover Material: 6 mil, 4-year greenhouse film or Twin-wall polycarbonate

  • Frame Material: Allied Gatorshield Steel

  • Pipe Gauge: 14

  • Pipe Diameter: 2.375"

  • End Material: 8mm Twin-wall polycarbonate

  • Side Wall Material: 6 mil, 4-year greenhouse film or Twin-wall polycarbonate

  • Rafter Spacing: 6'

  • Number of Doors: 2

  • Door Size: 48"W x 92"H (each)

  • Door Type: Double Doors

  • Grower Level: Professional

Upgrade with our optional Super-Gro Equipment Pack and include the following:

  • Single speed, commercial grade exhaust fan with rugged steel housing and shutters.ptional Super-Gro Equipment Pack

  • Motorized, heavy-duty aluminum shutter.

  • Horizontal airflow fans.

  • Modine power-vented greenhouse heaters in your choice of propane or natural gas.

  • DuroStat NEMA 4 thermostats with waterproof enclosure.

  • Please note that size and quantity of items are determined by the size of your greenhouse.

  • Natural Gas and Propane versions are available.


Model #



Film Top with
Polycarbonate Side
Top & Side
Equipment Packs 
F01-MCG-2024 20'W X 24'L $7,025 $8,535 $10,795 $1,395
F01-MCG-2036 20'W X 36'L $8,340 $10,345 $13,889 $1,635
F01-MCG-2048 20'W X 48'L $9,505 $12,055 $16,905 $1,655
F01-MCG-2060 20'W X 60'L $10,650 $13,990 $20,100 $1,775
F01-MCG-2072 20'W X 72'L $11,910 $16,000 $23,385 $2,935
F01-MCG-2096 20'W X 96'L $17,415 $22,780 $31,705 $2,935
F01-MCG-2824 28'W X 24'L $8,885 $10,250 $13,035 $1,489
F01-MCG-2836 28'W X 36'L $10,430 $12,420 $16,785 $1,655
F01-MCG-2848 28'W X 48'L $11,710 $14,470 $20,415 $2,245
F01-MCG-2860 28'W X 60'L $13,170 $16,090 $24,245 $2,605
F01-MCG-2872 28'W X 72'L $14,470 $19,040 $28,080 $3,565
F01-MCG-2896 28'W X 96'L $19,740 $25,180 $43,180 $3,565
****This #Item 56'W greenhouses consists two of  bays
F01-MCG-5624 56'W X 36'L $19,740 $21,800 $30,705 $3,219
F01-MCG-5648 56'W X 48'L $22,519 $25,080 $37,225 $4,055
F01-MCG-5660 56'W X 60'L $25,800 $28,175 $43.895 $5,175
F01-MCG-5672 56'W X 72'L $28,220 $32,240 $50,895 $7,135
F01-MCG-5696 56'W X 96'L $37,625 $43,060 $67,830 $7,135
****This #Item 84'W greenhouses consists of three  bays
F01-MCG-8448 84'W X 48'L $31,195 $34,022 $53,465 $4,965
F01-MCG-8460 84'W X 60'L $35,555 $38,980 $62,280 $6,115
F01-MCG-8472 84'W X 72'L $39,500 $43,620 $71,785 $7,745
F01-MCG-8496 84'W X 96'L $47,410 $52,695 $90,845 10,709

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