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The Geneva Greenhouse Glazing

Your  Plant's Deserve The Best

Winter: Our Competition's Glazing-single pane or Polycarbonate Clear Glass

Geneva greenhouses-galss,glazing


  • Drafts, cold feeling-winter invisible glass temperature (Column I)

  • Condensation forms on glass-inside dew point (Column J)

  • Heat escapes with little resistance-winter R-value (Column L)

  • These problems are common with our competition glass that cause drafts, condensation and large amounts of heat loss. Difficult to  maintain-correct temperature high heating cost.

The Solution:

  • Drafts elimated by using a winter inside glass temperature of 57` or higher (Column I) (Warmer Feeling)

  • High resistance to condensation with an inside dew point of -1 or lower (Column J)

  • Higher insulation r-value keeps heat in thereby lowering your heating & Cooling Costs.

  • We offers several options for Glazing to meet any budget and requirements . See following high  performance glazing chart .

Summer: Our Competition's Glazing-Single Pane or Polycarbonate  Clear Glass

Geneva Greenhouses-glazing


  • Overheating

  • Plants burn

  • High cooling  cost

  • Requires additional watering cycles.

  • Polycarbonate scratches easy polycarbonate will turn yellow shade cloth required.

The Solution:

  • Overhearing problems are solved by using a combination of very low relative heat gain glass.

  • Hermetically sealed.

  • Insulated glass.

  • MC Low E Glass available.

  • Helps control cooling cost.

  • Requires fewer watering cycles.

Glossary of Terms for Glazing Chart

A - "Glazing code" - Refers to our recommendation for selecting glass (R) roof, (W) wall.
B - "Glazing description" - A description of the components used to obtain the glazing unit being described.
C- "Upcharge over clear" Insulated - Multiply the number in this column by the total square footage of option desired, and add to the base price of a standard unit with clear glass.
D- "Unit Availability" - Glass is available as a standard in the units specified in this column.
G-Geneva greenhouse and greenhouse kit, S- Sierra sun room, sun room kits and solarium, W- Woodhaven solarium & sun room
E - "Shading co-efficient" - Multiplier for the amount of solar gain entering through the glass. For example: a piece of glass with a shading co-efficient of .85 would let in 85% if the solar gain that would travel through a 1/8" piece of clear glass.
F - "Relative heat gain" - The measurable amount of energy which penetrates the glass is expressed in terms of BTU's of heat gain per hour per square foot of glass area.
G - "% Visible light transmittance" - The percentage of light in the visible spectrum, that is directly transmitted through the glass.
H - "% UV light transmittance" - Percentage of ultra-violet radiation transmitted through the glass.
I - "Inside the glass temp" - The temperature of the inside surface of the glass in degrees F when the following ashrae conditions exist. Outside temperature of 0 degrees F with a 15mph wind, and inside temperature of 70 degrees F.
J - "Inside dew point" - The outside temperature in degrees F that will cause condensation on the inside surface of the glass. This number assumes an inside relative humidity of 60% and a temperature of 70 degrees F.
K - "Winter U value" - The total heat transfer co-efficient which is the measure of heat loss through the glass due to a difference between indoor and outdoor air temperatures. The lower the U value, the better the insulating properties of the glass. (BTU/HR/SQFT/F).
L - "Winter R value" - The resistance to heat loss through the glass. The higher the R value, The better the insulating properties. (R=1/U).

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