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Greenhouse Fogger TurboXE - 500

Greenhouse Fogger TurboXE - 500

Greenhouse Fogger

TurboXE 500 fan units can handle a variety of indoor/outdoor humidification or evaporative cooling applications. The nozzle-free fans can atomize ordinary water supplies into a very fine mist-like fog. Utilizing high-speed centrifugal force and powerful air flow, these units can propel a misty-fog stream up to 25 feet away. Widely used in mid-small scale commercial applications to humidify or evaporative cool air spaces.

One of the smaller TurboXE fogging fans; the XE-500 Greenhouse Fogger is designed for small spaces between 25 to 45 feet in length that need the fogging capability and industrial quality of the Aquafog line. This model has a maximum fogging output of 12 GPH and can propel fog up to 25 feet. Unlike the larger four-blade units, the XE-500 utilizes a two-blade fan, making it about 30% quieter than the XE-2000.


TurboXE 330 Fan Unit
  • Standard-equipped with a Baldor wash-down-duty motor for strength and reliability in wet, harsh environments.
  • Uses ordinary water and power supply to produce high quality, high volume fog.
  • Fans can be stationary or equipped with oscillation.
  • Excellent for safe, effective chemical fogging. Used for liquid pesticide and fungicide application, insecticide use and foliar feedings.
  • Capable of continuous duty operation.

****XE-500 comes with a 1/2HP motor and a 1/4HP fan blade assembly.

****XE-500 Fans are standard equipped with a dark green housing and a dual voltage, white epoxy painted wash-down-duty™ (WDD) motor 115/230V, 1ph, 60Hz.

Also Included With Every Fan Unit

  • Adjustable-angle hanging bracket
  • Choice of visual flow meter panel with strainer
  • 12’ SJO indoor/outdoor, heavy-duty power cord
  • 20’ Poly-Flo water line tubing
  • 16’ water drainage line
  • 100% stainless steel hardware
  • Easy-to-follow operator’s manual

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