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Cedar Lean-to Greenhouse

Cedar Lean-to Greenhouse


Framework is constructed of high quality, durable cedar wood that resists rot and insect damage and comes with a 5 year warranty. May be painted, stained, or left to weather naturally.


Panels are the toughest 4mm UV-stabilized polycarbonate that offers superior heat retention and hot spot reduction.


 Multiple vents create cross air circulation. For automatic climate control and improved growing conditions, FREE Solar-Powered Vent Openers are included. The Openers work independently to continuously monitor greenhouse temperature.

2" x 6" poly lumber base is included. This wood-tone colored, recycled plastic lumber is extremely durable, and will not rot, crack, split or splinter. It is protected by UV-stabilizers, so there is no fading after exposure to the elements.


Entry door allows for easy access and additional ventilation. Designed so the door can be placed on either end.
4'W greenhouses have a 27 3/4"W x 68"H entry door. Sidewall height: 59 1/2". Ridge height: 108 3/4".
6'W greenhouses have a 26 1/2"W x 75"H entry door. Sidewall height: 59 3/4". Ridge height: 103 1/6".
8'W greenhouses have a 35 1/2"W x 30"H entry door. Sidewall height: 59 1/2". Ridge height: 116".


Now available in 4', 6' or new 8' widths!

These home-attached structures are designed to attach to a vertical wall.



  • Cover Material:  4mm Polycarbonate

  • Frame Material: Aluminum Heavy duty, powder-coated

  • End Material: 4mm Polycarbonate

  • Vents:  Multiple vents

  • Number of Doors: 1

  • Door Type: Man Door

  • Grower Level: Hobbyist

  • Warranty:10 year warranty on both frame and polycarbonate.

Stock # Description Roof Vents Lower Vent Weight Sale Price Buy Now


4'W x 8'9"L x 108 3/4"H

1 1309 $965  


4'W x 13'L x 108 3/4"H

1 1 357 $1,395  


4'W x 17'L x 108 3/4"H

2 1 429 $1,755 


6'W x 8'9"L x 108 3/4"H

1 1 333 $1,295  


6'W x 13'L x 103 1/6"H

1 1 384 $1,929 


6'W x 17'L x 103 1/6"H

2 1 485 $2,195 


8'W x 8'9"L x 116".H

1 2 409 $2,195 


8'W x 13'L x 116".H

4 2 459 $2,779 


8'W x 17'L x 116".H

4 2 533 $3,209  



Solar-Powered Vent Opener

Solar-Powered Vent Opener

Greenhouse Solar-Powered Vent Opener keeps plants healthy and saves energy !

F01-HGA-104037$63.95shopping cart

60% Black Knitted Shade Panel

60% Black Knitted Shade Panel

G04-HGS-1412  12' x 14'  $61.67Buy Nowshopping cart
G04-HGS-2016 18'W x 16'L   $93.18 Buy Nowshopping cart
G04-HGS-2024 18' W x 24'L $109.38 Buy Nowshopping cart

Medium Greenhouse Equipment Kit

Medium Greenhouse Equipment Kit

Kit Includes:
10,000 BTU Pro-Com Blue Flame Greenhouse Propane Heater, 2 NEMA 4 DuroStat Dual Voltage,  Waterproof Thermostats. 50' 5/8" Coil Hose, Telescoping Watering Wand, Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Sprayer,12" ValuTek Hanging Circulation Fan, 12" ValuTek Direct Drive Exhaust Fan with Shutter, 12" ValuTek Motorized Heavy-Duty Aluminum Intake Shutter
F01-HGP-M $689

Large Greenhouse Equipment Kit

Large Greenhouse Equipment Kit

Kit Includes: 20,000 BTU ProCom Blue Flame Propane Heater, Control Blower for Blue Flame Heater,16" ValuTek™ Direct Drive Exhaust Fan with Shutter,12" ValuTek™ Combo Air Circulation Fan, 18" ValuTek™ Motorized Heavy Duty Aluminum Intake Shutter,2 NEMA 4 DuroStat™ Dual Voltage, Waterproof Thermostats,50' of 5/8" High-Flow Coil Hose,28" Watering Wand, Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Sprayer,
F01-HGP-L $739


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