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Master Hideaway Greenhouses

Master Hideaway greenhouses


Master Hideaway Greenhouses Master Hideaway Greenhouses Master Hideaway Greenhouses

Master Hideaway Greenhouses is the larger Commercial model of our Grand-Hideaway line of residential greenhouses. The Master Hideaway kits includes Standard and Custom features. It is a perfect choice for Institutions and Schools needing a larger professional research level greenhouse.

Standard Features:

Free-Standing Models: Widths - 24' and 28'. Lengths available in 10' or 12' sections.Master Hideaway Greenhouses
Frame: Extruded Aluminum Frame, Mill Finish, 6 on 12 roof pitch, steel fasteners at all connections of rigid or truss frame.
Glazing: 8mm clear twin-wall polycarbonate, 16mm clear triple-wall polycarbonate. Bar caps are equipped with E.P.D.M weather stripping.
Doors: Models available with single or double 'Pella' storm doors, 1-5/8" heavy duty frame with rigid foam insulation, brass handle keyed deadbolt for security.
Foundation: Foundation below frost line strongly recommended. Foundation should not be installed until plans are received from factory to assure proper dimensions are maintained.
Engineering: Each model is designed and engineed to meet specific building code requirements.

Custom Features

Models: Custom lengths and widths available.
Frame: Painted Frame. 4-1/2 to 12 roof pitch
Glazing: Bronze or Opal polycarbonate, 1/8" clear or bronze tinted tempered glass, 1/4" tempered glass, Laminated glass and lapped glass.
Doors: Commercial quality custom made single or double doors.
Ventilation: 2nd row automatic roof vents, manual or automatic side-wall vents.

Master Hideaway Greenhouses

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