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Frame only price includes: 2” O.D. 14 ga. galvanized frames, 3-part galvanized trusses on all intermediate hoops, diagonal struts in corners, 2” O.D. 14 ga. ridge purlin, ground stakes, rain gutter sections (on multiple bay configurations), heavy welded ring fittings, assembly hardware and setup manual.

Standard package includes: Everything included in frame only price and: Poly-VentŪ III side ventilation system with 2-stage thermostats, clear, 8mm polycarbonate sheeting under side ventilation, double poly roof and end walls with inflation kit, (2) 3’-0” x 6’-8” swinging doors, and Wiggle-Wire™ poly fastener system.

21' Free Standing21' Free Standing

Frame only price:
Stock # Size Square feet Price .BUY NOW
P01-EMG-F2148 21'W x 48'L 1,008 $2,579  
P01-EMG-F2172 21'W x 72'L 1,512 $3,703  
P01-EMG-F2196 21'W x 96'L 2,016 $4,861  
P01-EMGF21120 21'W x 120'L 2,520 $5,985  
P01-EMG-F21144 21'W x 144'L 3,024 $7,143  
Standard package price:
Stock # Size Square feet Price BUY NOW
P01-EMG-C2148 21'W x 48'L 1,008 $7,523  
P01-EMGC2172 21'W x 72'L 1,512 $9,932  
P01-EMG-C2196 21'W x 96'L 2,016 $12,383  
P01-EMG-C21120 21'W x 120'L 2,520 $14,791  
P01-EMG-C21144 21'W x 144'L 3,024 $17,243  

42' Twin Span42' Twin Span

Frame only price:
Stock # Size Square feet Price .BUY NOW
P01-EMG-F4248 42'W x 48'L 2,016 $5,638  
P01-EMG-F4272 42'W x 72'L 3,024 $8,110  
P01-EMG-F4296 42'W x 96'L 4,032 $10,650  
P01-EMG-F42120 42'W x 120'L 5,040 $13,123  
P01-EMG-F42144 42'W x 144'L 6,048 $15,664  
Standard  package price:
Stock # Size Square feet Price BUY NOW
P01-EMG-C2148 42'W x 48'L 2,016 $12,197  
P01-EMGC2172 42'W x 72'L 3,024 $16,161  
P01-EMG-C2196 42'W x 96'L 4,032 $20,201  
P01-EMG-C21120 42'W x 120'L 5,040 $24,173  
P01-EMG-C21144 42'W x 144'L 6,048 $28,213  



63' triple span63' triple span

Frame only price:
Stock # Size Square feet Price .BUY NOW
P01-EMG-F6348 63'W x 48'L 3,042 $8,696  
P01-EMG-F6372 63'W x 72'L 4,536 $12,517  
P01-EMG-F6396 63'W x 96'L 6,048 $16,439  
P01-EMG-F63120 63'W x 120'L 7,580 $20,260  
P01-EMG-F63144 63'W x 144'L 9,072 $24,183  
Standard  package price:
Stock # Size Square feet Price BUY NOW
P01-EMG-C6348 63'W x 48'L 3,042 $16,743  
P01-EMG-C6372 63'W x 72'L 4,536 $22,294  
P01-EMG-C6396 63'W x 96'L 6,048 $27,950  
P01-EMG-C63120 63'W x 120'L 7,580 $34,496  
P01-EMG-C63144 63'W x 144'L 9,072 $39,144  

Variety of doors You can order your Expansion Mansion with a multitude of different doors for work flow and ventilation.

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